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The energiser is the heart of any efficient electric fence system from domestic to professional installations.

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Fibreglass & UV resistant, easy to install and economical. Fibreglass posts are flexible and resistant to going brittle.

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Our High Tensile wire comes in 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.15mm diameters & has a greater elasticity & longevity than multi strand equivalents.

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Award winning, complete gate system to suit all types of stock and fence designs and is compatible with all electric fence systems.

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Reels are used for portable fencing to wind or unwind the fencing wire. The reel can be fixed and mounted on a reel post to produce a strong construction

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Insulators are a key component of any electric fence system. We stock an extensive range of the highest quality insulator products for every type of fence solution

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Pasture Management

Tight Grassland management encourages tillering

Grassland pasture is one of the most cost effective feed inputs for growing livestock providing it is managed effectively.

At Powered Pasture we specialize in designing and installing rotational grazing systems for cattle and sheep using tried and tested methods and components.

Our grazing ethos centres around maximising the daily live weight gain (DLWG) in livestock through tight pasture management, sward growth monitoring and recording, correct stocking densities and animal weight recording.

Rotational grazing also minimises poaching, promotes re-growth and increases available DM/ha thorough improved plant health and tillering.

About Powered Pasture

Our Story

Powered Pasture was formed by Alex Brewster shortly after taking part in the QMS (Quality Meat Scotland) Grazing Group initiative as a host farm. Thanks to the advice and direction gained from individuals such as John Bailey and Michael Blanche Alex discovered his passion for grass and started to think about subdividing his farm into paddocks. Modelled on framing practices which are common place in New Zealand, Alex saw the potential and fully grasped the concept.

He had the grass, he had a vision but he needed the equipment!

Alex quickly realised that the equipment was difficult to source here in Scotland and also very expensive, so he took the initiative to speak directly to suppliers and started to import and purchase equipment from overseas, whilst also beginning the manufacture of certain items here in the UK.

A number of his fellow grazing group farmers were then keen to also source the equipment which resulted in Alex ordering more and more, hence the business was born.

Interestingly the companies which we have chosen to work with have all started life as a family farming business looking for solutions, and Powered Pasture is no different.

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Our Team

Alex Brewster

Alex Brewster -
Research & Developement

+44 (0)1350 727 559
+44 (0)7827 947 143
Rotmell Farm, Ballinluig PH9 0NU
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Jane Brewster

Jane Brewster -
Design & Marketing

+44 (0)1350 727 559
+44 (0)7827 947 143
Rotmell Farm, Ballinluig PH9 0NU
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Peter Halley

Peter Halley –
Sales & Marketing

+44 (0)1350 727 559
+44 (0)7715 101 999
Rotmell Farm, Ballinluig PH9 0NU
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Richie Duncan

Richie Duncan –

+44 (0)1350 727 559
+44 (0)7720 761 221
Rotmell Farm, Ballinluig PH9 0NU
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