Alex Brewster

Alex Brewster -
Research & Developement

The initial driving force behind the identification of the opportunities offered up by rotational grazing. Alex works daily with the products and is always identifying where improvements can be made and how systems can be best developed.

Jane Brewster

Jane Brewster -
Design & Marketing

Having a strong technical background in design, Jane is ideally placed to offer up full CAD packages of how rotational grazing can work for individual set ups. With our systems, we can quickly and effectively survey and design systems which best work for your pasture, allowing you to quickly visualise the benefits.

Peter Halley

Peter Halley –
Sales & Marketing

Peter has developed a cattle finishing unit utilising the paddock grazing philosophy. He is one of the pioneers of our equipment, so is experiencing first-hand the benefits delivered by our systems. More importantly Peter is enjoying the margins achievable from increased utilisation of grass.

Richie Duncan

Richie Duncan –

Completing our experienced team is Richie, who is passionate about fencing. Having learnt his trade in New Zealand Richie has excellent knowledge and experience. The team has the expertise to install systems over a range of topography, covering dairy, sheep and beef units, as well as deer management. Like Alex and Peter, Richie experiences first-hand the products on a daily basis, which allows us to continually improve and develop our systems.