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Cattle Sheep

Pre-Installed Geared Reel includes 400m of 9 strand Tarabraid

The 3:1 Geared Reels are robust and easy to use.

Key Points:

  • SPOOL – Strengthened spool moulded in a new and improved polymer = extra durability
  • GEARBOX – Genuine 3:1 ratio = speed
  • METAL PARTS – all coated in high quality Dacromet for long term protection
  • CARRY HANDLE – non slip plastic fixed with nyloc nut for strength. Hook on carry handled shaped to make more secure when hanging on fence or Tarapost
  • WIRE GUIDE – Patented and attached to the front of the reel for extra strength and stability
  • CRANK HANDLE – extra long to ensure comfortable and easy winding
  • METAL SPOOL LOCK – unique and robust spool lock will not fall forward when reeling out fence, gives the user total control
  • INSULATED HOOK – unique new insulated double hook offers additional smaller hook to snap securely on to fence wire

Pre- Installed Tara Geared Reel - Includes 400m 9 Strand Tarabraid

SKU: TA064B9
Excluding VAT
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