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The HR 5 is Gallagher’s most powerful and portable EID reader that can read HDX and FDX-B tags extremely quickly; with an ergonomic and durable design this is the perfect tool for data collection.

With its large colour screen and alphanumerical keyboard, the HR5 is the most suitable platform for data collection and processing. Users can link visual ear tags to the electric ones, store the weight and measure daily progress. Furthermore, the HR4 is able to store various animal traits, such as sex, breed, condition and more. The user can link the electronic ear tag of a mother with its newborn.

Easy to connect to a PC with cables, bluetooth or wifi.
Animal Performance Software (APS) included.

More about the HR5 reader.
  • Fast and continuous reading
  • Large, easy to read screen
  • Full texting style keypad
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED, vibration and beeper
  • ISO half and full duplex compliant

SmartReader HR5

SKU: 33037
Excluding VAT
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