Alex Brewster

Alex Brewster - Director (Research, Development & Installation)

The initial driving force behind the identification of the opportunities offered up by rotational grazing. Alex works daily with the products and is always identifying where improvements can be made and how systems can be best developed.

Jane Brewster

Jane Brewster - Director (Design & Marketing)

Having a strong technical background in design, Jane is ideally placed to offer up full CAD packages of how rotational grazing can work for individual set ups. With our systems, we can quickly and effectively survey and design systems which best work for your pasture, allowing you to quickly visualise the benefits.

Bryony Petty

Bryony Petty - Sales & Marketing

Bryony is a dairy farmers daughter from West Wales. She has over 4 years’ experience in sales and marketing in agricultural sales, specialising in New Zealand based systems and products. After spending a year out in New Zealand in 2018/19 expanding her knowledge and skills, she has returned to the UK and moved to Scotland to further her career here at Powered Pasture.

Kirsty Carter

Kirsty Carter - Accounts

A key part of our office team Kirsty brings a wealth of experience in finance and accountancy to Powered Pasture. Having grown up on a small holding on the Orkney Islands before moving to Perthshire, she has first hand experience of rural living.