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Powered Pasture was formed by Alex Brewster shortly after taking part in the QMS Grazing Group initiative as a host farm.

Thanks to the advice gained from individuals such as John Bailey and Michael Blanche, Alex discovered his passion for grass and the potential profit to be gained, so started considering subdividing his farm into paddocks.

Alex saw the potential in a system modelled on farming practices which are common place in New Zealand...he had the grass, he had a vision, he needed equipment!

Realising the expense and challenges in sourcing equipment in Scotland, Alex spoke directly to suppliers and quickly started to purchase and import equipment from overseas, whilst also beginning to manufacture certain items in the UK.

Several of his fellow grazing group farmers were also keen to source the equipment, and from here Powered Pasture was born.

Powered Pasture started as a family farming business looking to deliver cost effective but profitable solutions. Interestingly all the companies we have chosen to work with share this same ethos, it is at the heart of what we do.

At the home farm we are currently subdividing 500 hectares and are working daily with our products, giving us the perfect test bed for individual products.

Given the flexibility of the systems, we are continually looking to develop our electric fencing and agricultural clothes product range with reliable and durable products which will ultimately meet the demands of UK farming.

The Team


Director (Research, Development & Installation)

Alex Brewster

The initial driving force behind the identification of the opportunities offered up by rotational grazing. Alex works daily with the products and is always identifying where improvements can be made and how systems can be best developed.

+44 (0)7827 947 143


Director (Design & Marketing)

Jane Brewster

Having a strong technical background in design, Jane is ideally placed to offer up full CAD packages of how rotational grazing can work for individual set ups. With our systems, we can quickly and effectively survey and design systems which best work for your pasture, allowing you to quickly visualise the benefits.

+44 (0)7827 947 143


Sales & Marketing

Julia Sim 

Jules has recently joined the team and has extensive sales and marketing experience in roles throughout Scotland and Wales including: The Royal Highland Centre, Marriott Hotels and Atholl Estates. She has a strong equine background and a keen interest for the outdoors. 

+44 (0)1350 727 559



Kirsty Carter

A key part of our office team Kirsty brings a wealth of experience in finance and accountancy to Powered Pasture. Having grown up on a small holding on the Orkney Islands before moving to Perthshire, she has first hand experience of rural living.

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