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Made of permanent materials, the Taragate™ is compatible with all electric fence systems with the multi strands operated by the one handle for ease of use. All plastic componentry is UV stabilised. There is a gate to suit all types of stock; 2- strand for cattle and horses, 4 – strand for sheep and smaller animals. Quick and easy to install!

The Taragate™ comes in kit form with all componentry required to install except tape. This allows flexibility in the type of tape used as well as the ability to make up the gate to fit individual gateway widths. The Taragate™ is designed to maintain its tension over long spans, particularly the 2 strand, with the simple and durable polybow effective and maintenance free.

The Taragate™ is designed to transfer any stress on to the springs or the tape. This protects the main body of the gate leaving it intact and permanent.

The lifestyle includes 25m of our own 20mm Taratape Gate Tape.

  • Tread in foot for drafting, ease of use
  • Universal powering system – takes all width of tapes or mesh
  • Fibreglass Rod – for added strength
  • Ring Circuit – Taragate™ – ensures full power through whole gate when conductor is damaged
  • Full spare parts back up

4 Strand Taragate Lifestyler Electric Gate Systems (Tape Included)

Excluding VAT
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