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The permanent insulators work perfectly with our galvanised steel Y post, a robust and durable fencing component which comes with a 20 year guarantee against loss of colour
or brittleness.

Key Points:

  • Flat Standard Insulator Permanent with Nylon Insert (No5)
  • Designed for high strain, permanent fencing.
  • Strongest Flat standard insulator on the market, which makes it ideal for high country & extremes of temperature.
  • Made from low density polyethylene which has very high UV resistance therefore will not crack or break in extreme temperatures.
  • This is also supplied with specially treated mechanically galvanised nuts & bolts for fastening. These have been through a rigorous 1000 hour salt test to ensure they will last in all conditions.
  • Also backed up by an unbeatable 20 year guarantee

Insulators for "Y" Post (permanent)

SKU: N05
Excluding VAT
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