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Clearly visible, strong white tape for horse and cattle portable fencing up to 500 metres.

The tape's unique mixed metal composition (6 stainless steel and light metal wires) provides good conductivity. The tape is reinforced with a black side wire, to provide extra strength.

Comes with a 5-year UV-guarantee.

- Diameter mm: 20
- No. of stainless steel wires: 5
- No. of tinned copper wires: 1
- Resistance ohm / meter: 0.18
- Tensile strength kg: 175
  • Ideal for portable horse and cattle fencing up to 500m
  • Reinforced edges to provide extra strength
  • Mixed metal composition for good conductivity
  • 5year UV-guarantee

PowerLine tape 20 mm (white, 200 metres)

SKU: 106236
Excluding VAT
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