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The first EID compatible scales in the market with an integrated EID reader. With its touch screen and user-friendly interface, the TWR-1 is easy to operate.

The integrated reader makes measuring and weighing your animals even easier and it can be done by one person. With the alphanumerical keyboard you can add tag information and notes.
The on-board instructions mean that help is always available, wherever you are with your TWR-1.

The robust design makes it farm-proof, resistant to dents, scratches and extreme weather conditions.

Supplied with a convenient Gallagher carry bag, fitting bracket, charging cable and USB and APS software.
  • Simple to use, easy to read
  • Integrated EID reader
  • Tough, rugged exterior
  • Easy to use touch screen with farmer friendly interface
  • Record and analyse weight and weight gain
  • Draft by weight or weight gain

TWR-1 Weigh Scale

SKU: 26022
Excluding VAT
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